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Most of the artwork on P.G. Henck's book covers come from, which  is a vibrant community of creatives from all over the world (Earth), sharing copyright free images, videos and music. He wanted to share the original works here so you could see them in their full glory. Comments are by P.G. Henck.


This masterpiece was done by Steve Bidmead of Bedfordshire, England, and is used on my Deep Space Rescue 911 book cover.

This next masterpiece was done by Gerd Altmann of Freiburg, Germany. The left side I used on my Captain Mike book cover, while the right hand side will be on my Time Minds book cover.

universe-2742113Gerd AltmannFreiburgDeut

This original painting  by Joe Tucciarone of Florida titled Stellar Clouds, has hung in my office since 2003 and has been a great source of inspiration over the years. It was used on both of my book covers for my first novel Beyond The Providers. 


I did all of the book covers for the Elementary Science series & Distant Neighbors.

This was a silly idea of mine of something that needed to be done when we first moved to Southern Utah. I later blamed it on the Crew in Elementary Science 101.


This great image from the Cool Cat Game Studio in Sweden, along with some other added items, combined to make my Alien Vacation Invasion book cover.

Enrigue Lopez Garre from Lorca, Spain provided this fantastic image that I used on my Alurolan Angel book cover. Like with many of these masterpieces, it is too bad they can't be fit into a book cover in their entirety. But, by excluding that third planet in this image, it did fit my storyline better.

science-fiction-5105730 (2).jpg

Genty Stock Footage, English

A whole bunch of great artwork was used on the Bring It Alien B book cover. The art work for the alien girls not only guided their different personalities, but some of my storyline as well. A special thanks to all of these talented artists.


James Larkin, Sycamore, USA


Wolfgang Eckert, Lkr. Forchheim, Bavaria Germany

Silva, Germany

Annette, GlassHouseMountains

Enrique Meseguer, Madrid, Spain

Mystic Art Design, Germany


Karen Nadine, Valkenswaard, Netherlands


Pete Linfourth, UK


Gerd Altmann, Freiburg, Germany


Anne and Saturnino Miranda from Madrid Spain came up with this great parody of The Girl With the Pearl Earring. It was a perfect match for my silly short story book cover which is titled, Ancient Alien Art Artifice Revealed .


Lothar Dieterich from Germering, Germany created this fascinating vision that was perfect for my Super absorption book cover.


I needed something special for the top of my P.G. Henck's Shorts book cover that conveyed all of the stories within have humor. This funny and cute composition by  the creative Stefan Keller from Germany, extraordinarily fits this need.

My Jultery book cover was created from this stunning image by Leandro Barco of Campana, Argentina. Jultery will be the last book in the Deep Space Rescue series.

space-2543838  .jpg

Now for some of my real long-range plans. Time Minds, since it deals mainly with historical events, is taking a lot of time in the research let alone writing with all the different characters who will be delt with in it. Also, there are some other publishing projects I hope to take on. So, it may take a while to get to these planned projects, we will see.

This great work from PIRO in Heidelberg, Germany, will grace the cover of my future novella, Captain Mike Space Stowaways. It will be the second sequel in this series, and unlike my other series, most of the characters will change in each of the three installments, except of course for Captain Mike.


John Forster from Hong Kong produced this beautiful image I plan to use in the final novella of the series titled, Captain Mike Home Bound.

The compilation of my three Captain Mike novellas will again only be available at Amazon. The artwork on the new part of the book cover titled, Captain Mike The Whole Enchilada, was created by Wikilmages in Germany.


With this fantastic image by Pizar Almaulidina of Serang Baten, Indonesia, the original image was a prefect size for my Admiral Robanna book cover. In fact, this image is so compelling, that I plan to make it part of this future short story. All the more reason for doing the book covers ahead of time.

Enrigue Lopez Garre from Lorca, Spain produced yet another gorgeous image that I intend to use for my Ghost Story Reality book cover. Again, it is a shame that I could not use the whole image, but that is the constraints of a 6 x 9 format.

people-4995981 (1).jpg

This great work from Comfreak of Germany will energize my So Many Earths cover. This story will pick up where the Super Absorption characters left us, but in this sequel, I will be going less for laughs and more for concluding some of the many mysteries presented in the first installment.

This masterpiece from Prettysleepy Art, USA will grace my Distant Relatives cover. The three characters who set things straight in the short story Distant Neighbors, this time go out to find the living since even the ghosts have now deserted their western ghost town. This artwork has inspired me for significant elements to the plot, though it will be some time before I can get there.

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