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Beyond The Providers

Science Fiction

Novel - Second Edition

106,940 Words - 253 PAGES

First Published - Aug 7, 2019

E-Book - $4.99 

Paperback - Not Currently Available

Short Description

I’ve been asked to describe my life to better document my small place in New World history. Or maybe it is to better reacquaint humankind with me, now that I have been brought back to life after so many centuries. Since this new endeavor seems to be yet another impossible task forced on me during my life, I’ll just do as I always have. Jump in like the hapless hero, and hope for the best.


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More Information on the Book

In the 25th century, things are going pretty well for the human race. Most of the solar system has been explored and inhabited ushering in a peace between different peoples that has prevailed for centuries. Hunger, poverty, addictions, greed, lust, and the criminal activities associated with them are non-existent with 99.9% of the human population. It would be hard to give the credit for this Utopian society to any one of the many great advances over the last few centuries, such as unlimited energy, turning most planets and moons into Earth-like environments, the genetic improvement of all species, and mental communication. But there is one advancement that stands out among the others. About 80% of the human population is non-gendered, allowing that portion of the population to devote considerably more time to productive societal pursuits, rather than courtship and other self-centered activities that have distracted humankind in the preceding centuries.


As fate would have it, though, just when the Sol System society was becoming sound in its acceptance of this stable existence, a message from somewhere in the universe brought both incredible technology for quick space travel, but also the haunting question as to why these Providers had really sent it. Those champions and explorers called upon to test this new technology, and the rest of Sol society as it turned out, were about to enter a new period of unforeseen change for human society. A period where the fate of the whole human race would be carried on the backs of a few individuals as they explore many unknown worlds in search of a new home. Can the human race be saved, and will it ever be able to return to the Utopia it once was? These are the questions that go beyond what the Providers have brought, and the changes their legacy have created for humankind.


The author wishes to notify readers that Beyond the Providers does have adult intimate scenes depicted in it, so it may be found to be unsuitable for readers less than 18 years of age.

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