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CapatainMikeThe WholeEnchiladaCover2.jpg

Captain Mike

The Whole Enchilada 

Science Fiction - Comedy

Anthology - First Edition

121,800  Words

E-Book Price - $2.99

Short Description

This book is a compilation of P.G. Henck's standalone novellas and short stories that provide a wide range of funny, off beat, bizarre, or whatever you want to call them, tales for your enjoyment. It includes 'Bring It Alien B', 'Super Absorption', 'Bigfoot Dance Party', 'Distant Neighbors', 'Alien Vacation Invasion', and last and also least 'Ancient Alien Art Artifice Revealed'.

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January 21, 2022
February 6, 2022
February 26, 2022
March 10, 2022
April 1, 2022

More Information on the Book

P.G. Henck's Shorts is a compilation of his standalone novellas and short stories that provide a wide range of funny, off beat, bizarre, or whatever you want to call them, tales for your enjoyment. It includes the following selections:
Bring It Alien B - First Published Oct. 25, 2021
Teenagers will be teenagers, but even when they are different species and live on the other side of the universe, they can still create big problems on Earth. Of course it was kind of our fault in the first place; we invited them to compete in a TV dance competition. And while they broke no laws of physics, a few others were rubbed the wrong way.
Super Absorption - First Published Dec. 11, 2021
Two sisters, a boyfriend, and a gorilla walk into a different planet. Well, it was more like they were thrown into it. And everyone on this new world had a superpower, except for them. They could now absorb them all. But getting to where they belonged proved to be more difficult than they had hoped, redefining the bonds of family and friendships.
Bigfoot Dance Party - First Published May 6, 2021
Three friends decide that faking the ultimate Bigfoot discovery tape would be a fun way to make some easy cash. Instead, they discovered much more than they could ever handle, believe, or forget. And if Bigfeet and manufactured beings having a dance party in the woods wasn’t life-changing enough, they now had 10 million other reasons to keep quiet.
Distant Neighbors - First Published Sep. 10, 2020
The ghosts of this old Wild West mining town are in an uproar. Some of the living want to take away their jobs and destroy their whole way of death. Years ago the ghost town was divided up between the living and dead, and both sides got along pretty well, with no major ruckuses to speak of. But now, that has all changed and these living scallywags must go, even if a few rules have to be broken.
Alien Vacation Invasion - First Published Dec. 22, 2020
Jen was a freelance writer for the fringe. Mr. Kirkpatrick was on his deathbed, ready to disclose an incredible lifetime story of alien invasion. Jen got the interview, but it turned out to be far more than what she was expecting. Alien junk food thieves, talking polar bears, and rogue wave riding, are all part of this story worthy of any tabloid.

Ancient Alien Art Artifice Revealed - First Published Dec. 13, 2021
What do investment art and books that expose a hereto unknown 'truth' with very little to expose have in common? Join Barbbarbluka 7 across time and space as this Professor of Anthropology at the Fallachetta Advanced Learning Center, specializing in Dead Society Assimilator Analysis, exposes the world of Ancient Alien Art in a 'tell-all' tale of deceptive deceit.

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