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Deep Space Rescue 911

Science Fiction - Comedy

Novella - Second Edition

63,779 Words

First Published - Sep 8, 2020

E-Book - $3.99

Paperback - Not Currently Available


Short Description

Half Alurolan and half Human, Ned was unique in the Kuoma Super Cluster. His dad, snatched years ago from Earth, had spent the remainder of his life in the Cluster. But now he was gone, and Ned had invested everything in a dream born of his dad’s time on Earth. With the help of a skilled, dedicated, and resourceful bunch of outcasts, the dream is now reality and named Deep Space Rescue 911.


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More Information on the Book

Ned was one of a kind in the Kuoma Super Cluster, being half Alurolan and half Human. It was the human part, though, that made him stand out. His dad had been snatched from Earth by someone or something years back, and ended up here, the most civilized part of the universe. At least that was what the League of Worlds thought. They pretty much ran the interactions among the many thousands of intelligent species that lived on the millions of worlds supporting life in the Kuoma Super Cluster. Before Ned’s dad, no one here had ever heard of a human from Earth, or even had the slightest idea where this planet was located in the rest of the universe. His dad’s unique biology and never told stories made survival in this new reality possible, but now his dad was gone, and Ned had invested everything on the only dream that remained.

The rescue of lost and missing ships in the Kuoma Super Cluster was handled by its member worlds, and everyone usually looked after their own. With their form of quick space travel, proximity was more or less irrelevant. It was the time it took to go someplace that mattered, both for the crew, and the rest of the universe. This decided where you could and couldn’t go. And no one wanted to go to deep space, where the travel options were far and few between. And besides that, there were some races out there that the worlds with the largest rescue fleets didn’t think were worth rescuing.

Ned didn’t agree with the status quo, hoping to change things for the better. And as luck would have it, he was able to find a skilled, dedicated, and resourceful bunch of outcasts to follow his dream of providing rescue services to all races and places. Join this band of unlikely heroes as they learn that their original calling is not as simple as they thought, and as they rescue those in need within the confines of deep space, and beyond.
The author wishes to notify readers that Deep Space Rescue 911 may have language and scenes that some may find unsuitable for readers less than 18 years of age.

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