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Elementary Science 201 

Science Fiction - Fantasy - Comedy

Novel - First Edition

110,910 Words - 253 PAGES

First Published - Aug 13, 2020

E-Book - $4.99 at Amazon 

Paperback - Not Currently Available


Short Description

For thousands of untold millennia benevolent protectors deep within the Earth have been watching and helping her children. These Protectors, or Elementaries as they call themselves, continue in this sequel with their comically bizarre antics to save the Earth from certain danger, both from within and without. Their handpicked human, the Professor, provides able leadership on their action-filled journey through everything that is human, as this band of unlikely heroes meets the mystery and challenges the universe has placed before them.


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More Information on the Book

This sequel to Elementary Science 101 takes up were we left the Elementaries and the Professor, attempting to fix all of the harm the dreaded Shadowers have done to human development. As it turned out, the dreaded Shadowers they had come to oppose and defend the Earth from were actually just replicates of one twisted original. This eleventh one had departed long ago from ten other Shadowers who followed their original path to the moon of Europa. These remaining ten Shadowers were pretty good beings, and fit in well to the Elementaries’ thinking and mission on Earth. So they were allowed to inhabit a small dog, but at least for the time being, would be under the close eye and control of the Professor.


But just when things started to look pretty good for Earth and the human race, the Elementaries tried to repair a previous mistake. Three of their own, originally created to help combat the Shadowers, had malfunctioned and were now in a mechanical coma of sorts.  They were revived by the Professor and things looked pretty promising, until they tried to kill him and his beloved and Molly. The ensuing battles took a lot of time and attention away from other mysteries happening at the same time, not to mention the Professor and Molly’s upcoming wedding.


But again, just when that crisis was being resolved, another potential threat to Earth, perhaps greater than anything the Elementaries had faced before, started lurking in the shadows of the Solar System. Luckily for the Elementaries, this potential threat only wished to reveal itself in its own sweet time, and in between, the wedding and all the normally associated events were able to take place. Well, about as normal as any such things could be when the Elementaries are running the show. They may have been children of Earth too, but when it came to human behavior, they were not close cousins yet.


Join the Professor and Elementaries again on a trip of discovery and quest to save the human race from everything that just seems to have it against us for some reason. Revisit their spectacular base of operations far below the Earth, discover what happened on the dark side of the Moon, journey deep below the Pacific Ocean, and finally, take a Solar System tour of Mars, Jupiter, and its tiny moon Europa, the other safe harbor for life. And oh yes, you are invited to the wedding. Casual dress please, and gifts are not necessary. They have everything they need.

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