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Alien Vacation Invasion

Science Fiction - Fantasy - Comedy

Short Story - First Edition

14,990 Words - 40 PAGES

First Published - Dec 22, 2020

E-Book - $ 0.99

Short Description

Jen was a freelance writer for the fringe. It wasn’t what she started out to be, but then integrity doesn’t always pay the bills. Mr. Kirkpatrick was on his death bed, ready to disclose an incredible lifetime story of alien invasion. Jen got the interview, but it turned out to be far more than what she was expecting. Alien junk food thieves, talking polar bears, and rogue wave riding, are all part of this story worthy of any tabloid.


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This selection is included in 'P.G. Henck's Shorts' 

More Information on the Book

Another old man on his death bed supposedly had incredible things to disclose that would have opened him for retaliation had he disclosed them earlier in his life. And so Jen, a freelance writer for the fringe, was sent in to do the interview. She wrote for magazines that weren’t respected and readers who believed anything they read. It wasn’t what she started out to be, but integrity doesn’t always pay the bills, and superior talent in the real world goes to fewer individuals than parents and teachers would have you believe. It was another alien invasion conspiracy story, so she wasn’t expecting much going in. But it turned into far more than the typical.

Of course some of it was the same old thing like missing time, anal probes, and men in black. Well actually it was men in green and red, but they still used the same stupid explanations for the unexplainable. With this story, however, there were many deviations from the standard alien invasion stories including junk food stealing aliens in deer suits. Or how about talking polar bears and hugging walruses? Not convinced, then what about going back in time, riding the crest of a rogue wave, and doing a Vulcan mind link with a whale? Mr. Kirkpatrick and his wife experienced all of these during a lifetime of having their anniversary vacations rudely invaded by aliens. After hearing his incredible and often humorous story you may not be a believer, but you will enjoy it. As did Jen.

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