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Bigfoot Dance Party

Science Fiction - Fantasy - Comedy

Short Story - First Edition

15,040 Words

First Published - May 6, 2021

E-Book - $0.99

Short Description

Three friends decide that faking the ultimate Bigfoot discovery tape would be a fun way to make some easy cash. Instead, they discovered much more than they could ever handle, believe, or forget. And if Bigfeet and manufactured beings having a dance party in the woods wasn’t life-changing enough, they now had 10 million other reasons to keep quiet.


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This selection is included in 'P.G. Henck's Shorts' 

More Information on the Book

Stan, Scott, and Jerry worked for months on a scheme to create the ultimate proof that Bigfoot really existed. Their high-quality video evidence could be worth thousands once every ‘mysteries of the unknown’ show out there wanted to feature it. Although making Bigfoot suits that were believable beyond doubt was taking almost as much of their money as they hoped to gain, that didn’t matter much to these solitary guys who liked making their own world rather than living in someone else’s. Finally, their creations were complete, and they would soon own the Bigfoot legend. At least that was what their egos were telling them.


As often happens in life, though, reality trampled all over their plans, and gave them a set of circumstances that they weren’t even close to believing. Finding that Bigfoot actually did exist was a very big step to make, but also discovering manufactured beings with incredible powers and technology was a leap they weren’t prepared for. And when you throw in the part that all of these incredible beings were having a bizarre dance party of some sort, the two humans in the Bigfoot suits were actually the most ordinary things in the woods that day.


Scott and Jerry survived their ordeal, but Stan, who was leading the expedition of carefully selected individuals needed to witness the definitive proof of Bigfoot’s existence, didn’t believe a word of it when they first told him. He stopped yelling, though, when Scott and Jerry told him that the manufactured beings who had organized the dance party, were offering them ten million dollars each to keep their mouths shut about the whole event for five years. The first easy step to these riches was to simply forget the unbelievable for awhile. Unfortunately, the easiest step turned out to be the hardest.

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