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Bring It Alien B

Science Fiction - Comedy

Novella - First Edition

37,750 Words

First Published - Oct 25, 2021

E-Book - $0.99

Short Description

Teenagers will be teenagers, but even when they are different species and live on the other side of the universe, they can still create big problems on Earth. Of course it was kind of our fault in the first place; we invited them to compete in a TV dance competition. And while they broke no laws of physics, a few others were rubbed the wrong way.


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This selection is included in 'P.G. Henck's Shorts' 

More Information on the Book

Eight teenaged girls felt like they were the rejects on their science planet. Most of the other youth on the planet learned and worked as they were instructed, but these few liked to do things their way. And that way included the love of primitive dance which they obtained by “borrowing” classified real time transmissions from a far-off planet. The planet happened to be Earth, and what they were watching was the reality TV dance competition ‘Bring It Right Now!’. Even with their galaxy’s advanced technology, the girls could never visit this planet. But maybe there was a way for them to still compete on the show, if they just applied themselves to this important goal. After all, they were invited.

First wrestling with such major obstacles as picking a group name and what to wear, they embarked on a journey of discovery, not only with what they had to do to achieve their goal, but also with what they could do when these eight friends worked together as one.  While their initial goal was to compete, they ended up finding much more than just that. They found a special love of artistic dance and each other when they performed together. Follow their adventures as they outwit the Men in Black and even worse, snotty Earth girls, and stage the performance of a lifetime. And along the way, the girls discover that what others thought of them meant very little when they followed their own hearts.  It was a lesson that also applied to their own world; they just had to journey across the universe in order to find it.

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