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Captain Mike

Science Fiction - Comedy

Novella - First Edition

27,610 Words - 70 PAGES

First Published - Dec 22, 2020

E-Book - $1.99 at Amazon 

Short Description

It was a time when heroes were far and few between, and even when you met one, you might not realize it. A product of Earth, Captain Mike rode the winds of space, taking him to places and those who needed him the most. With his unusual crew, unwanted adventure and humorous mishaps seem to abound with anyone who came along for a ride. At least that is how it started for one honeymoon couple, until they arrived at their final destination.


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Also sold at Apple Books, Scribd, and Kobo

More Information on the Book

Marissa and Tadd were newlyweds on their way to a Montonga honeymoon, pre-paid and of course non-refundable. And then a rare super nova had to go off, canceling all commercial space flights to Montonga from Earth in its wake. But as incredibly good luck would have it, along came Captain Mike to get them there in just three hours. Well, that at least was what the jump plan said. Although this appeared to be a stroke of good luck to the couple, Captain Mike and his crew did seem a little different. Maybe the couple should have thought about it twice, but since Captain Mike was certified by the Exalted Official Order of Outer Space Operatives, it seemed legit, even though they had never heard of this group before. But their desperation to get to the honeymoon they had been dreaming about for months won, and they were on their way with Captain Mike.


Not long into the flight, though, things started to go wrong, or right depending on how you looked at them. Marissa and Tadd ended up shanghaied, shot at, sent down the galaxy’s highest falls, and swallowed by a giant worm looking for territorial vengeance, and a good meal. During the whole journey they followed Captain Mike as he led them.

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