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Captain Mike

Home Bound

Science Fiction - Comedy

Novella - First Edition

46,600 Words

E-Book Price - $1.99

Short Description

Two sisters, a boyfriend, and a gorilla walk into a different planet. Well, it was more like they were thrown into it. And everyone on this new world had a superpower, except for them. They could now absorb them all. But getting to where they belonged proved to be more difficult than they had hoped, redefining the bonds of family and friendships.


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More Information on the Book

What began as a simple night of a zookeeper boring her sister and boyfriend with her passion turned out much differently than any of them could have imagined. They, along with the zoo’s antisocial gorilla, were whisked away to a new world where everyone had their own special superpower, that is everyone but them. These Earth visitors, however, could absorb the superior powers of those they encountered on this planet, making them quite special indeed. But on a planet where why is a question seldom asked, and the future only encompasses six months, few worried too much about this big difference.


While learning how to safely use their powers was hard enough, understanding the eccentric characters they met on this new planet was perhaps even harder. And it wasn’t made any easier by the fact that these supers did not age, consumed no food or drink, didn’t know what sex was and didn’t have the equipment to engage in it even if they did, had no children, and lived with no other animals on the planet. Well, at least none they recognized. Most of the supers had been brought to the planet about seventy years before, and remembered nothing except their name, and age before they stopped aging. At first, everyone appeared to be quite happy living in this super world that seemed to be heading the same place it did the day before. The more the Earth visitors learned, however, the more it seemed like there might be some problems on this idyllic planet that most of its inhabitants did not recognize.


But even against this background of intrigue, within just a short time this trip to another planet also had a profound effect on the Earth visitors, forcing them to redefine their existing bonds of family and friendship. That can happen when the rules are changed, blended, and eventually absorbed.

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