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Deep Space Rescue 911

Science Fiction - Comedy

Novel - First Edition

101,740 Words 

First Published - Mar 15, 2023

E-Book Price - $4.99

Paperback - Not Currently Available


Short Description

The 911 crew continues its quest to rescue the needy, forgotten, and misunderstood in the Kuoma Super Cluster. Along with League bigotries and organized crime, the crew now faces even darker forces who want everything that is theirs. With the help of some mysterious benefactors, and a lot of good luck, the crew must survive what now confronts them.


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Also sold at Apple Books, Scribd, and Kobo

More Information on the Book

The Deep Space Rescue 911 saga concludes with the stirring adventures of a crew of outcasts, now a close-knit family of heroes, which began with the novellas “Deep Space Rescue 911” and “Alurolan Angel”. Their life-saving missions continue as the 911 crew fights to preserve species and cultures that have been overlooked or abandoned by the ever-present League of Worlds. As often happens in the universe, they find some revelations that they weren’t looking for. Meanwhile, the League continues in the belief that the status quo is good enough while dark forces gather to take control of the Kuoma Super Cluster. And in this new order they seek, outcasts, along with their lofty desires to help all intelligent species, have no place. 

Throughout this adventure, the crew at times feels that luck, or Julllterrry as they call her, has finally deserted them. Not all rescues are going the way they planned, and the more they try to correct things, the more disturbing discoveries they make. Although the Ancients’ amazing technology helps them keep their heads above water, the Keeper who dispenses it is an evolving conundrum who at times seems more like a problem than a solution. In a thrilling conclusion, the fate of the Super Cluster is determined, and the ultimate purpose of the 911 crew is revealed to us all.

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