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Admiral RobannaCover2.jpg

Admiral Robanna

Science Fiction

Short Story - First Edition

61,310 Words - 155 PAGES

E-Book Price - $1.99


Short Description

The 911 crew continues its quest to rescue the needy, forgotten, and misunderstood in the Kuoma Super Cluster. Along with League bigotries and organized crime, the crew now faces even darker forces who want everything that is theirs. With the help of some mysterious benefactors, and a lot of good luck, the crew must survive what now confronts them.


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Also sold at Apple Books, Scribd, and Kobo

More Information on the Book

The 911 crew continues its quest with a new rescue ship, the Alurolan Angel. Originally, all they wanted to do was bring rescue services to deep space, but the League of Worlds seems hell bent on stopping them in their tracks, one way or the other. And if that wasn’t bad enough, secretive dark forces have now been added to the list of enemies that seems to grow with each one of their rescues. These dark forces, however, have enough power to make anyone disappear at their bidding, and cover it with plausible explanations everyone else accepts.


Soon the crew realizes that the Luck of Julllterrry, which was with them in the past, will no longer be enough. They need better equipment on board their ship, and new allies they can trust. What they didn’t expect, however, was that an ancient civilization that once inhabited the galaxy in which they now own worlds still has a presence, the Keeper. And the Keeper appears to be on their side. Join the crew as they up their game by not just rescuing a few travelers stranded in deep space, but by saving and relocating colonies, and even saving a significant race from itself. And in doing so, they discover many of the secrets and capabilities that these mysterious Ancients, through their Keeper, still possess.

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